7+ Best Android Settings after Buying New Smartphone

7+ Best Android Settings when you buy new smartphone

Best Android Settings and Tips – The days are gone past when using big screen smartphone were good status symbols. Today mobile market is filled with various brands & operating systems.

Earlier we had many proprietary operating system based on its manufacturer. Every manufacturer had its different operating system.

Android is one of the most using platforms for mobile user. So when you buy new android based smartphone, there are some tips and settings which need to be set before using android phone.

These settings will help you always when you start to use your smartphone.

I am sharing some tips and settings for your new android based smartphone for better performance.

Tips 1: Automatic Update

When you bought new smartphone then you should always get your system updated with the latest OS updates like we do in computer.

People forget to update their OS on timely then it may give you some issue.

So it is better to set your smartphone on get updated automatically.

Go to Google Play store > settings > click on auto-update apps > select auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only.

Tip 2: Auto Backup of Images or Photo

It is very important to get the backup of your personal data regularly. It saves a copy of your data into given location.

You need to download and install G++ App into your smartphone then find setting and set the Instant Upload option and storage size set with unlimited option.

Tip 3: Find My Phone

By using find my app, you can find location of your phone in case of missing and it also helps in delete your personal data if it theft.

Tip 4: Anti Virus Software

If you are using internet regularly from your smartphone then you must have heard the name of anti virus.

Always tries to have anti virus software install into your smartphone, this will help you to run your smartphone faster and remove any virus before time.

You can try AVG, Avast for free in Google Play store.

Tip 5: Saving Offline Maps

If you are android user then you must have heard of MAP option in menu. By using the offline map save you can save the maps for offline use. This option is much good if you don’t have internet data pack available.

Tip 6: Google Now

Google Now is actually the voice based assistant system available in android based smartphone. It helps to you give voice base command to get the desire work by phone.

Tip 7: Remote Desktop

With the help of remote desktop app, you can access your android device remotely from computer. Means you can work through computer over the android smartphone.

It feature may be very helpful if sometimes you get any kind of issue while accessing your smartphone then you can try accessing your phone from computer.

This may help you to make any changes for your smartphone.

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