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DropBox Alternatives – Free Online Website

We know that DropBox is one of most popular cloud based file hosting service in the file hosting industry. DropBox gives us facility to synchronise content between our device and its server.

But always remember that every biggest free service does not survive for long time. The end time always come because big thing always have controversy and various issues.

In past, we have seen that Google and Yahoo like big internet companies have been shutdown their free service like Gmail, Buzz etc.

You store your official data and personal data on their service but when they shutdown their service, you don’t have anything in hand.

So it is always recommended that we should look for other alternative also to overcome our problem well in time.

I have found some of the best DropBox alternatives which you can use to store your file online.


cloudme is online file storage service which uses file recognisation and client software. You can download and install its client software in MAC, Windows and Linux base device to store your file online.


OneDrive is also a cloud based file hosting service which enables user to upload and download file through any web browser.


Sparkleshare is the self hosted service provider which gives the facility to configure your own server and you get better control on your hosted files.

Team Drive

Team Drive gives us the facility to store, synchronize and sharing files. It basically comes with 2 GB of online storage. Users can download and install their offline software version to host and share their files.

Own Cloud

OwnCloud is more famous amongst all file hosting service because it works like DropBox. It is the self hosted open source platform which gives control over your files through web.

You can download and install Owncloud server in windows and linux based operating system and it also give some extra useful features.

If you want to share bigger files using free online tools, read send large file free online tools.

You are welcome to give your feedback and question, please feel free to comment below.

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